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Betterhomes is one of the leading and fastest growing property management company in Bahrain. We offers complete property management services for single and multi-family buildings, Apartments, Villas, Houses, & Commercial Buildings all over in Bahrain. All of our services are provided at one low monthly fee with no hidden costs. Each of our property managers and staff are knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous. As experienced real estate professionals, we realize your property is a valuable investment and we treat it as such. At Betterhomes, we specialize in the management of single and multi-family buildings, apartments, villas, houses, and commercial buildings throughout Bahrain. With years of experience in the property management industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise to handle diverse real estate portfolios.

Our Services

Property Managment

Unlock the full potential of your property with our comprehensive Property Management and Facility Management services. Discover a worry-free approach to property and facility management with us.

We offer a highly competitive and transparent pricing model for our clients. We don’t believe in hidden costs or total surprises when it comes to finances. You will have real-time updates of what's going in your properties, in terms of tenancy status, maintenance, and payments, etc.
Tired of chasing after tenants who fail to pay their rent in a timely fashion? We handle the hassle for you, enforcing rent collection deadlines and following up with tenants who fall behind. Collected rent we deposit to landlord account. Streamlining Rentals, Maximizing Returns.
Never get stuck with another awful tenant. Our rigorous screening process qualifies prospective tenants with in-depth background checks and verification, we leave no stone unturned. We help our Landlords find quality tenants.
Your Place manage the full tenancy contract relieving the landlord of any legality and contract issues, Also through our front desk team, we manage the lease notices and ensure residents are updated with their contract status.
We work to quickly find the right tenant for your property and use our proven marketing methods to attract high-quality applicants. Efficient Tenant Placement, Proven Marketing Excellence – Elevating Your Property Investment Experience.
First impression counts - we can help make sure your real estate is thoroughly inspected and presented in its best condition to your tenants at handover, setting the tone for a positive and trusted relationship with you.
We know how to keep your property in optimal condition. We handle all maintenance requests and coordinate needed repairs for you also providing maintenance reports. We'll take care of everything,whether a quick repair or a full-scale renovation.
We issue monthly reports highlighting preventive maintenance activities, corrective work orders, and ongoing and completed tasks. In addition, the information includes financial data on material and labor costs along with the monthly invoices.
With our bespoke packages, we are able to provide all properties under our vision. Annual Maintenance Contracts, Preventative Maintenance Contracts, full building maintenance packages, fire and safety, pest controls, security guards, receptionist and even cleaners..

Discover Seamless Property Management

We are committed to elevating your property ownership experience. Let us take care of the details, so you can enjoy the benefits. Feel free to customize this template to better fit the specific details of your property management company in Bahrain.

Other Services

Utility Connection

Our team will handle any issue that may raise with EWA and settle the tariff on your behalf. We are always here for you

Lease Renewals

Whether your tenant plans to vacate or extend their current contract we manage the entire process seamlessly.

Customer Service

Our customer service experts work around the Clock and our system is integrated with emails, calls, and WhatsApp.

Single Unit Management

Dealing with tenants can be hard for single property investors. Using a professional property management company creates a worry free environment.


Dedicated team assigned to do the online registration services to register the lease Agreement with concerned governmental authorities. We take care of all the necessary regulatory.

Legal Guidance:

Bahraini’s landlord – tenant laws are complicated. Let us help you navigate.

Tenant Relations & Conflict Resolution

We foster positive tenant relationships and expertly handle any conflicts that may arise. We promotes a harmonious living environment, reducing turnover rates and ensuring your property remains a desirable and well-maintained asset.

Attend tenant requests and complaints

We are able to resolve conflicts faster and better, because of the involvement in overseeing the property. The constant contact between the tenants and your property manager will also help more profitable and risk free

Pre and post tenancy inspections and preparation

Every property we manage undergoes regular inspections, ensuring the home says in great shape. Don’t leave the health of your investment up to chance—partner with a team that proactively identifies problems.